Idaho, we still have a long road ahead

This is a very moving video segment of the ADD THE WORDS documentary in progress… Don’t let the politicians in these videos continue to tarnish the beauty of Idaho… If they won’t add the words, lets remove them at election time!


Why Adding the Words is So important to Idaho

People wonder why adding the words “Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation” to Idaho anti-discrimination law is so important. If you are still wondering why, perhaps this amazing documentary in progress will show you a mother’s plea in hopes that another mom won’t have to walk the path that she has in the beautiful state of…


Boise Pride Dissolves as an Organization

BOISE PRIDE, INC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS VOTE TO DISSOLVE BOISE PRIDE, INC. Boise, ID (MAR 7, 2014) — On Wednesday, March 4, 2014, the Board of Directors of Boise Pride, Inc., met with a nonprofit organizational specialist to determine the short and long term viability of the corporation and its efforts to continue sponsoring the…

Police, protesters talk about the cost of ‘Add the Words’ protests

KTVB BOISE — An issue that’s gained much attention this year at the Capitol, isn’t even a piece of formal legislation recognized by lawmakers. Members of the “Add the Words” movement want the words “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” added to Idaho’s Human Rights Act. Dozens of protesters have been arrested as they’ve petitioned lawmakers to hold…